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P R O F I T   C E N T E R

Do you know what you need to charge to operate profitably?

Do you know how much you need to adjust your rates when fuel prices go up or down and what impact any change will make on your annual profits.

Do you know what your operating costs are per total mile and how that relates to your cost per revenue mile?

Do you understand how deadheading really effects your yearly profits.

Our Profit Center page is available to our subscribers only. It has a unique calculator form that lets you plug in numbers for key variables such as fuel prices, repair costs, revenue miles per trip, deadhead miles per trip, loads hauled per week, weeks worked per year, annual costs for liability and cargo insurance along with truck insurance and it will instantly calculate your costs and profits per mile, per load and per year. If you are new to the business and don't know what your costs are yet, we have the initial page populated with figures to give you a basic starting point and you can then modify our figures as you determine your cost factors. Once you have determined your basic variables, we will provide a special page for you that contains your personalized criteria and you can then use the calculator form in the future to measure the impact of changing any of your target variables. You can call us anytime to update your private page.

We think this calculator will help you a better understanding your operating costs and your your potential profits. It will also help you to better establish your goals because you will know what impact achieving any goals will have on your profits.
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